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 On and around water

Dark Age Boats and Edwin Deady accept NO liability or responsibility for the actions of yourself or those around you with regards to being on or near water. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONDUCT HEALTH AND SAFETY ASSESSMENTS, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE ALL WATER CRAFT ARE SEAWORTHY, AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG. You should assume that EVERYTHING written on this web site contains an element of risk and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASSESS THIS RISK BEFORE APPROACHING ANY BODY OF WATER.


Except where otherwise noted in the text, all content is copyright Dark Age Boats and Edwin Deady. You may not re-publish content except where written permission has been granted, and then only for the usage stated in such permission. You must correctly cite a reference to Dark Age Boats or Edwin Deady (as appropriate) whenever you do gain permission to use content. 

You must not embed hot-links to images on this site and pass them off as images located on yours.

 Legal jurisdication

This web site is governed in full by the laws of the United Kingdom.

 Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing this web site, and any material derived from it, you are agreeing to be bound to these Terms and Conditions in full, and to any changes to such as may be made on an as-needed basis.


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