Sustainable recreation- watersport

There is a growing interest in coracles and currachs. 
Searching the Internet shows several build-it-yourself courses a year. 

Reenactment is a growing interest and attempts via this site are being made to create a multi-period reenactment boat group 

By encouraging the building and enjoyment of boats from sustainable materials one could develop a healthy hobby and living pattern and help to open up BritainÕs waterways which are too often the preserve of the privileged fishing interests. 

Utility of use is here as well. If a dweller near a waterway had that route to work or shopping and access to an affordable craft then another alternative to the car journey becomes possible. I doubt if a living could be made from sea fishing but a natural boat would be a useful adjunct to any living plan that included marine resources. 

Initial craft:

  • Coracle
  • Currach or curragh
  • Dugouts (very wasteful of wood)
  • Punt
  • Flat-bottomed double-ender like the Somerset Turf boats
  • Flatners
  • Canoes, Canadian and Proa outrigger type


  • Hazel and willow poles and basketwork
  • Twine, possibly from nettles or other natural fibres
  • Boards
  • Trenails
  • Tar made from local pine trees
  • Some iron such as hand forged nails
  • Any recycled materials that can be used - these would be for utilitarian vessels more than historical boats.


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