Craftsmen who can supply authentic tools


Neil Burridge the Master of Bronze 

AND  This site showcases his work as a bronze sworsmith






Dave Budd Iron Age Blacksmith






Some of my reading on Ancient and Prehistoric boats. Please share your readings.


  • Conway History of the Ship:
    The Earliest Ships
    The Age of the Galley
  • The writings of Sean McGrail on Logboats and the Archaeology of the Ship
  • likewise - Basil Greenhill
  • Edwin and Joyce Gifford on reconstructing Saxon ships
    Mariners Mirror:
    "The Sailing performance of Anglo-Saxon Ships as derived from the building and trials of half-scale models of the Sutton Hoo and Graveney ship finds.
  • Olaf Pedersen's writings and the Roskilde Ship Museum's publications
  • Paul Johnstone, The Sea-Craft of Prehistory
    See: Google Book Search
  • Eric McKee, Working Boats of Britain
    See: Amazon Books
  • John Macaulay, Birlinn
  • Denis Rixson, The West Highland Galley
    See: Amazon Books
  • J Kim Siddorn, Viking Weapons and Warfare
    See: Amazon Books
  • Albany Major, Early Wars of Wessex
    See: Amazon Books
  • John Haywood, Dark Age Naval Power, Anglo Saxon Books
    See: Amazon Books
  • Peter H. Buck, Vikings of the Pacific
    See: Amazon Books (US)
  • Richard Mac Cullagh The Irish Currach Folk
    See: Amazon Books
  • CBA Research Report, 24 Roman Shipping and trade
    See: Archaeology Data Service



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